The Feel of Fall



We see trees on mountains reaching for the sky
As their leaves full of beautiful colors fall as if waving goodbye.

Water running down the cooling mountain streams
Showing a morning hint of fog matching the hot cocoa steam.

The gathering of birds getting ready for an annual flight
Knowing coolness in the air returns as the sun disappears early in the night.

We know that through each year seasons come and go
That what once was summer rain will soon land as a blanket of winter snow.

Yet we find time to gather pumpkins and eat turkey in feast to one and all.
Preparing for winter through a colorful and grateful period called fall.

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Loves Long Traveled Road

The highways that move from my home
Find me often on them alone
Traveling over mountains beautiful in fall
And through cities with buildings so tall
I listen to music late in the night
Or talk shows in the morning light
At times I will talk with family far away
Other times I cry because I can not stay

The trips to the ones I see
Start with much excitment for me
The feeling of hope for what’s begun
That more than anything we’ll have fun
Knowing our time together will bring a smile
Even if it will only be for a while
Believing from the very start
This trip brings happiness to my heart

These journeys down the winding road
Are to see both children young and old
And to see family so very far apart
My love for them always in my heart
The travel itself is never really tough
Only hard thing is the leaving stuff
Knowing no matter how long the hug and kiss
All the ones I travel to, everyday I miss.

~dedicated to Ian, Stephen, Jessica and Jayde my four wonderful children.

A Beach

cropped-sunrise.pngWalking in the morning light
Watching out over the rolling seas
Amazed by such a beautiful sight
And the feeling of a cool summer breeze.

Feet feeling moisture through the sand
The waves of nature crashing on the shore
Knowing we once walked here hand and hand
Wondering why life wasn’t that simple anymore.

As the day passes and the children play
This space will take cover and try to hide
Much like a heart hidden with much to say
Awash with the emotion of the morning tide.

Yet just as life ebbs and flows
Each day with rise of the morning sun
Until past when the moon light glows
A beach will always bring laughter and fun.

A Bright New Day


In life challenges will try your soul

Often things not within your control

They cloud the depths of your mind

Making you long for a peace so hard to find


It is easy to get lost in a hurricane

Of confusion, loss and pain

People pulling many a different way

Bringing chaos to many a day


In your soul you know there is more

A life of love and caring in store

Days not filled with things clouding your sight

Days with those you love, a future so bright


It will not be a world void of bumps

Yet one with many more triumphs

It will not be void of all pain

Still with much more love to share and gain


Often difficult through all the clouds to see

How any of this future will be

How just as the winter turns into spring

A new love, like a new tree will begin


On each morning that you rise

See the world through new eyes

Light through the clouds and haze

Shining the love of bright new days




In Memory Of


In Memory Of


In a world where all moves so fast

It is often hard to make things last

And before another stone is cast

What is now, is in the past


So Many times I look to the sky

And I often wonder why

That no matter how I may try

Thoughts of you still make me cry


I want to make time come to a stand

And give me a chance to understand 

Why in a world so grand

You have been taken from this land


As I want the time to slow

I wish for the time to show

With more than just a ribbon and bow

That my Love for you will always grow


Now with the passing of each day

With you in mind I pray

We will meet again along the way

For I know with God you now stay


                             – I Miss you Dad








Sometimes the hardest thing to find
Is a way to express what is on your mind
Are words always enough to get across
Feelings ranging from love to loss?

Words come across in different ways
Depending on the type of phrase
They say things in a different way
When we laugh than when we pray.

The same word we speak or write
Can give us joy and also fright
Words can paint pictures for all to see
Or only pictures a thousands words to be?

Words whether written or spoke
Can make us rich or make us broke
They can bring us hapiness or pain
They can even control our brain.

Words of any size have so much power
Yes or no make the strongest cower
That is why as we go through each day
We must be careful in what we say.

Whether with our pen or with our voice
We are the only ones that make the choice
To use words to help and to heal
Or to express anger that we may feel.

It is in this choice we have to find
Ways in which to be respectful,  compassionate and kind
Fore as you think of the words in your head
Remember someone could say them to you instead.