Loves Long Traveled Road

The highways that move from my home
Find me often on them alone
Traveling over mountains beautiful in fall
And through cities with buildings so tall
I listen to music late in the night
Or talk shows in the morning light
At times I will talk with family far away
Other times I cry because I can not stay

The trips to the ones I see
Start with much excitment for me
The feeling of hope for what’s begun
That more than anything we’ll have fun
Knowing our time together will bring a smile
Even if it will only be for a while
Believing from the very start
This trip brings happiness to my heart

These journeys down the winding road
Are to see both children young and old
And to see family so very far apart
My love for them always in my heart
The travel itself is never really tough
Only hard thing is the leaving stuff
Knowing no matter how long the hug and kiss
All the ones I travel to, everyday I miss.

~dedicated to Ian, Stephen, Jessica and Jayde my four wonderful children.


One thought on “Loves Long Traveled Road

  1. Sage

    Tears flowing, just knowing the impossible choices one makes in order to stay near or visit their children! The choices I make and life altering directions I have chosen in order to stay where my children need me to be at any five point in their lives! The goodbyes are an impossible choice and all too painful to consider ~ Poems written with passion and emotion!

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