A Bright New Day


In life challenges will try your soul

Often things not within your control

They cloud the depths of your mind

Making you long for a peace so hard to find


It is easy to get lost in a hurricane

Of confusion, loss and pain

People pulling many a different way

Bringing chaos to many a day


In your soul you know there is more

A life of love and caring in store

Days not filled with things clouding your sight

Days with those you love, a future so bright


It will not be a world void of bumps

Yet one with many more triumphs

It will not be void of all pain

Still with much more love to share and gain


Often difficult through all the clouds to see

How any of this future will be

How just as the winter turns into spring

A new love, like a new tree will begin


On each morning that you rise

See the world through new eyes

Light through the clouds and haze

Shining the love of bright new days





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