Thank You !!

It has been a while since I wrote a new post. Over the last few months I have taken much of time for introspection, learning and working on a new career choice. I wanted to write this post because with the coming of the Thanksgiving season here in the States I have many people to say Thank You to this year. And one of the many things I have learned this year is to be grateful for the things I have and not to be overly influenced by what I don’t. So on in a very public way I want to say THANK YOU.


  • To my Family for their undying love and support. With special attention to my sister Phyllis who even through difficult times of her own has chatted with me for hours to help me through my challenges. And my Mom whose strength and support has been an example we should all live by. The most important thing I realized this year is that my family believes in me and that certainly helps me believe in myself.


  • To my Children Stephen, Jessica and Jayde who have shown me that their love for me is based on what I can give them of myself not what I can buy them. This year has been a difficult one in many ways but their love for me has unwaverd and they have certainly given me a purpose; to be the best I can be in their lives. I have a son who has not supported me this year. To him I can only say I am here at any point you may need me. I Love all of you.


  • To my friends in my immediate circle. To Alfredo, Ivan, Cindy and Carmen who have supported me by being there when I need them. By checking up on me once in a while and by understanding in some ways that I can’t help all that I would like now, but that I will be able to again. Sometimes just being there is what is needed and you have been.


  • To my social media circle. Yes I will admit I have become a social media junky. That is however ok. I have learned more in the past year about the world, leadership, engagement, education and myself than I learned in many, many years. I am involved in several communities in which I have met wonderful people. #Peopleskills led by Kate Nasser, #Leadfromwithin led by Lolly Daskal, #Leadwithgiants led by Dan Forbes and Hrockstars lead by Johann Gauthier and Dave Moore. These communities have helped me rebuild my belief in myself as a leader and more importantly as a person.


  • To people I have met and interacted with through social media you have supported me and my efforts. Hoda Maalouf, Cynthia Baxin, Alli Polin, Samantha Hall, Brian Smith, Dan Forbes, Kate Nasser and too many others to list here.


I am more than grateful for all you have given me this year. I hope that in some way I can repay you. Thank you so much for being in my life and may God Bless you during this Holiday season and throughout 2014.





10 thoughts on “Thank You !!

  1. Peg Gillard

    A sharing of the soul for sure. Not an easy thing to do, yet one each of us should do in one way or another. Like setting things out in the sun to freshen, our souls need that periodically. May your Thanksgiving be full enough of all healing things. Thank you for sharing your heart.

  2. Tom – Thank you for your beautiful post! I am inspired by your focus on thankfulness and growth in the midst of a challenging year. Although I don’t know the details of your story much of what you said resonated. Be encouraged. This season will strengthen and prepare you for your next season!

    1. Thank you Chery for the kind words. I try yo see challenges as a way to improve. Don’t get me wrong I have times when I think the challenges will win. When that happens I gain much support from family. Friends and the inspiration I receive by learning from people like yourself. Thanks for all you do.

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