Visualize Your Success


When you see Tiger Woods study a putt or you see Lebron James stare at the basket before a free throw they are visualizing success. Every great athlete uses visualization as a tool to see themselves make the winning putt, score the winning goal or hit the winning home run.  Anyone who has participated in sports has had those dreams whether they were nine or ninety.  I also have no doubt that the great artists and great photographers have a mental picture of what they want the end product to look like. And that great musicians know the sound they are looking to produce. People who are outstanding in their field all have one thing in common, they have a vision of success.

In taking that dreaded look in the mirror I would say I have not had a clear picture of success for myself. My vision for myself would have been more like those scratched up black and white photos from the 1950s that my family kept around all these years. I am now working on a new HD version supported by my writing and mission to share my experiences.

When I get to talk with people about having a vision I use my oldest son as a prime example. From early in his life, as early as eight or nine, he spoke of wanting to be a sports broadcaster. It was his vision to learn, know and speak sports not only verbally but through video. He spent hours learning everything he could about every sport. He learned to put  highlights together to music. He produced his High School football video year book. Helped teammates and his cousin with recruiting videos. And he and his friends won an internship during college to work on a national sports show. He had a vision  and today is successful in broadcasting. I couldn’t be prouder.

I tell this story because we should all have a vision of success. In business we may want to be the CEO, or open our own local sporting goods store. In life it may be about reaching a certain social level or being the best parent you can be. Having a vision for yourself and doing all you can to get there is what counts. Your vision is not about what others want for you, it is about what you want for you. When visualizing success others will be part of the picture and should be. But it is your vision and you must be focused on its success.

I know that staying on point to realize your vision will have challenges. Some will say you are selfish when you won’t change for them. Some will say you are not good enough and are wasting your time. Please remember two things; a vision is only selfish if you act selfishly and never let someone else tell you that you can’t accomplish anything.

If you don’t do any other thing over the next few days find a vision. Find something you can focus on that will help you reach the happiness you deserve. Then go make it happen. It will not always be smooth and roadblocks will appear but the only one who can stop you from seeing your vision become your life, is you.


2 thoughts on “Visualize Your Success

  1. Tom — This is beautifully clear writing and conveys such an important message. I believe we do have a vision, but often it is the “scratchy photo” kind that reflects old conditioning. It’s a gift to wake up and realize that there’s an alternative. Thank you for sharing your stories and en-couraging us all to be the people we are meant to be.

    All the best

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